Our nutrition contains too much omega 6, which is the omega 3 counterpart. The ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids in current nutrition is close to 1: 20. The main cause is  the use of soy, sunflower and corn products as livestock feed, and finally ending up in our milk and meat. Many vegetarian products also use these omega 6 sources. The ratio should actually be 1: 3 to 4.

Many experts consider this ratio to be very important. The eye, brain and heart function needs a healthy ratio. Problems occur when this ratio omega 3 – omega 6 is out of balance, because this causes many more omega 6 hormones to be produced in the body than from omega 3. And where the omega 6 produced hormones promote inflammation, they are inhibited by the omega 3 hormones.

Does algae contain more or less Omega-6 than fish(oil)?

Less. Per capsule we have 28 mg omega 6 and 450 mg Omega-3, a ratio of 1:16. In krill oil, that is 1:7, with sardine oil 1:2.2, for farmed salmon, that is, for example, 1:4, herring 1:5 and with ansjovis oil 1:10.