Omega 3 essential fatty acids are active in all cells and tissues in the body to assist for optimal performance. As the body does not produce omega 3 itself we need to consume it through our food. Many studies have been performed on omega 3 and are linked to several Health Claims.

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Should Vegans Take DHA to Preserve Brain Function? 

Because of the popularity of omega 3, a lot of information can be found about the positive effects which DHA and EPA are purported to have on your body. The fatty acids DHA and EPA are active in all body cells and tissues and contribute to the optimal functioning of the body. 

There are many health claims that emphasise the positive effect of omega 3. However, many of these claims are not based on scientific research. Therefore, we will describe only the positive effects of omega 3 which have been scientifically proven.

Research has shown that the fatty acids DHA and EPA have a positive effect on many different parts of our body and on our bodily functions. For example, we need these acids for the normal working of our heart and our brains. Our nervous system is also benefited by DHA, as well as our eyes. Furthermore, fatty acid has a positive influence on the maintenance of a normal blood pressure level.

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