Is the algae oil free from toxins?

Yes! The algae we use (Schizochytrium sp.) is not grown in an open pond but cultivated in sterile fermenters under controlled conditions. Since there is no impact of environmental pollution on the algae it is free from residues like heavy metals, mercury, pesticides or dioxines, as found in many natural fish oils. 

Does it contain BMAA?

It is not legal to claim BMAA-free on the packaging, because it is irrelevant. Just like gluten free can not be freely claimed. We want to emphasize that BMAA cannot be found in Testa.

BMAA is known for cyanobacteria / blue green algae. It finds its way in the food chain through mussels and shrimps. Our algae are grown in clean water in closed tanks under GMP* norms.

*Good Manufacturing Practices.