Oily fish contains only 1% omega-3, while algae oil contains around 20% omega-3. Instead of catching 20 billion kilograms of fish for Omega-3, we can also produce 1 billion kilos of algae for exactly the same amount of omega-3:
- A high quality algae oil supplement, such as Testa Omega-3, contains enough omega-3 to make all three health claims with 1 capsule a day. With fish oil capsules, this is rarely the case;
- Omega 3 fatty acids are highly sensitive to oxidation. Since the Rubin Report 2011, we know that there are many abuses with fish oil. Since this report, several other reports have shown that most fish oils aren't fresh. It has also been proven that rancid fish oil is harmful to health. Algae are produced purely for the production of the omega-3 algae oil. The whole process is adjusted to freshness;
- All crude fish oil is contaminated with heavy metals, dioxins and PCB's. Many industrial processes are needed to remove this pollution and to ensure the freshness of a fish oil supplement. Algae are pure and free from ocean pollution, as they are produced on the land with fresh water;
- Fish can not make omega-3 and is only the intermediary. The only reason that fish supplies omega-3 is because of the algae in their food chain. So why not just bypass the fish and get our omega-3 from fresh and pure algae?