Carrageenan is a polysaccharide derived from seaweed (irish moss.) It is used as a thickening agent for the softgel capsules. It is used as an ingredient (food additive) all over the world for more than hundred years. It is a versatile fiber used in a variety of foods and dietary supplements.

We use a carrageen extract for our plant based capsule (not for the oil). Currently this is the only ingredient that makes it possible to produce a vegan soft gel capsule.
The shell of the capsule contains about 60 milligrammes of carrageenan. 

If you want to avoid carrageen, you can open the capsule with a sharp knife or cut it open with a needle and mix the algae oil with a cold drink. We advise you to use a coconut drink or a smoothie with coconut or banana to mix the algae oil with in order to optimize the taste.

More information about carrageenan can be found in the attachments.